Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty

Oh where to start...  how about at the beginning (of the work week?)

Monday was a lot of fun!  After yoga, Laura, Julie, Carla, Joyce, and I went over to a little place called Vito's in St. Louis for $5.00 pizza.  They thought it would be good to get some dinner before Carla, Julie, and Joyce had their physical test at the Fox Theatre to be ushers.  We thought wine was included in the $5.00, but their advertisement was tricky and the wine was only included before/after a Billikins game. SNEAKY!!!  Instead of sobbing over the no wine with our $5.00 pizza - we had gelato for dessert. Laura and I split the tiramisu (which tasted more like cinnamon), while Carla and Julie had some really good strawberry.  Also, we were right next to the place where Dave rehearses for chorus, so he came over to say hello. 

Tuesday, was FREE TACO DAY at Jack In The Box!  And boy did I get some free tacos.  Since I was in Edwardsville to get my computer worked on, I stopped at their two Jack In The Boxes to get my free tacos, then I headed home and my mom and I went to get her some free tacos for dinner too!  I LOVE those greasy little deep fried tacos! YUM!  Side note: What's up with Jack being hit by a bus?  Really?  Where are they going with this?

Well, that brings us to present day.  Our time study started at work and that mean a lot more computer work, fun fun!  Though on a brighter note, I got my computer back and I'm loving the upgraded Mac - Goodbye Tiger - HELLO LEOPARD! What a machine!  I'm looking forward to playing with it and loading the new programs that go with it!  

We also had agility tonight, but our trainer had a sub.  It's always different when she's not there, but we did much better than the last time she was out for the evening.  Scout is now nick-named "The Flyer" because he jumped off the end of the teeter before it even pivoted and kept running in the air until he hit the floor! He's crazy! 

It's so nice out tonight we decided to grill.  We are making the spinach and asiago sausage/grilled peppers and onions combo again because it was so good the last time.  This time however, we are making extra for some yummy leftovers.  Well the grill is beckoning - until next time!

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