Sunday, February 22, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Slumdog Millionaire!!!  I loved that movie and I'm sooo glad it won Best Picture!  The new Oscars format was neat and I really enjoyed it.  Now for my super fast recap of the night:  Highlight of the Oscars - Kate Winslet finally winning.  Lowlight of the night - trying to figure out what the heck happened to Sophia Loren.  Also, I would like to thank Laura, Brad, Dave, and J.J. for coming over and trying to beat me at the Oscar ballot game, (that's 2 years in a row - better luck next year!) Oh and next year remember you can "research" ahead of time guys! :) My other favorite part of the evening was when J.J. showed us this: 

How great is this old add!  It's too funny!

Today we also had our last Winter Fun League agility event.  I do have to say we've come A LONG WAY since 3 weeks ago! Roxie and Scout both weaved AND did the teeter-totter today!  Hooray!  We ended on a good note and look forward to taking our new skills to class on Wed!  

After fun league we went to the Wonder Bread store and every time I'm in there I'm so amazed at all the stuff you can get for like under $10.00!  I walked in with my Mom to get my free loaf of bread (I had a coupon!) and ended up walking out with the free loaf, and 2 packs of bagels.  I had to stop myself before I took hostage a carton of those yummy, yet a little too firm, chocolate donettes.  Of course since I got bagels, now I needed special cream cheese - I don't like just plain cream cheese (too plain!).   So off we go to Panera aka St. Louis Bread Company to get honey walnut for my Mom and sun-dried tomato basil for me.  They told me they never sell enough of the sun-dried tomato basil to keep it in a big tub, so I had to get 4 individual 2 oz servings.  With that, I have to put my math rationing skills to use to make sure I get the right amount out of the little cup so I don't have to open another one.  So much work!  Math + Bagels = Delicious?  

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