Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Break Rewind

So today is the last day of my Winter Break. Ugh! Back to the grind tomorrow at 8! Double UGH! Anyway, here is a brief re-cap of the events of Winter Break.

*Movies - Precious (good, but kind of a downer), Up In The Air (good until the ending), Blind Side (great movie overall), Avatar (amazing effects, want to see it in 3-D now), Sherlock Holmes (suprisingly good), Princess & The Frog (I hated every minute of it!)

*Crafted a TON! Finished the Bejewled quilt top, finished quilting the Tilted Sun (Baby Edition) with the help of Patti (thank you Patti!), finished a preemie quilt for Jessica to donate the hospital, made baby invites for Jackie's baby shower, started sketching out my next quilt already!

*Worked the dogs almost everyday down at Dog Sports at Kim's. What you can accomplish in 2 weeks is amazing! Kim really helped me get Tally working on obedience and agility. She'll be ready for competition soon! Gabby is getting ready to move up to Open A obedience! Roxie is learning to drive ahead and she is getting more confident each day. I even did a little obedience work with her! Someday I'll get her in the ring to show! I'll miss going there in the mornings to work the dogs, instead I'll be working :(

*Saw a lot of old friends from out of town, and ones that are in town that I just don't get to see often enough. Drinks, food, fun, Guitar Hero - enough said.

*Rang in 2010 having a good time with good friends.

Here is to a New Year & New Adventures - CHEERS!

Bejeweled Quilt

People ask, why name it Bejeweled? I'll tell you why - the colors remind me of the jewel tones used in the game Bejeweled.

Over 1000 triangles were pieced together for this quilt. By far this has been the most time consuming quilt I've made. I love how the top turned out, so all of my effort went to good use!

Announcement & Pup Fashion

By now, most of you know, but for the few of you who don't - I have a new pup! Tally (Polesitter's Talladega) is the newest addition to the furfamily. She is now 11 months old and is an English Springer Spaniel, (she is Gabby's niece). Here are a few shots of the little one!

The dogs got new collars and leashes for Christmas. I found them at this place called the Canine Center in St. Louis. They are from a company called Yellow Dog Design and I just love their designs!