Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun Filled Day!

The quilts are back from the gals at Melears!  These two wall hangings size quilts were photographed at my new favorite spot - Shaw Nature Reserve in Grey Summit, MO.  I can't wait to go back there and really explore the grounds!  The Bascom House provided a fantastic backdrop to hang these new quilts and get a good look at them!


Twist & Shout

On the way back home, we also went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens Chinese Cultural Festival.  We saw the parade and folk dancers.  I was glad the rain held off, so we could really enjoy the day!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beverly Heels & Some Like It Hot

I've got 2 tops ready for quilting!  The Beverly Heels quilt is made from Moda's Objects of Desire and is 70x79 inches.  This was such a fun quilt to make during the dreary April weather here. With all it's lovely spring colors, it was a definate pick me up!  I also made two little throw pillows to go along with it!

Also, I finally got the top to my Some Like It Hot quilt completed!  It's seems like it has taken forever to make this one with all it's cutting and re-cutting, but it was worth it!  It's a Crazy Disappearing 4 Patch Pattern, using 30 different red fabrics from my stash.  It measures 98x98 and is a real eye-boggler!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger's Quilt Festival

I have been anxiously counting down the days until the Blogger's Quilt Festival and it's FINALLY here! I've been waiting to blog about this quilt just for this occasion and now I can finally share this quilt with all the fellow bloggers!


The fun story behind this quilt goes a little something like this:

Green is my favorite color, and I thought I would LOVE to make a quilt out of all my green fabric, but I didn't have enough greens in my stash and even if I did, would it all go together?  So, I gave my friends a mission - anytime they went to a quilt store, yard sale, auction, etc., if they wouldn't mind, I would love it if they could pick out a piece of green fabric they liked (any shade, pattern, etc) bring it back to me and I would put it in this quilt!  Well, my friends did an OUTSTANDING job and I ended up with a HUGE stack of EVERY shade of green imaginable, I even got some fabric from other states while friends were on vacation! 

Now, I had some definate decisions to make, I have all this fabric - what pattern do I want to do? Do all these greens really just go together? Do I make several quilts in different shades?  I finally came up with the conclusion - GREENS JUST GO - any shade, any pattern, so just use them all together!

I liked the idea of using a "add-a-piece" type of quilt pattern so that it would have a mosaic tile & grout feeling that emphasized each individual piece. When my friends see the quilt, they always ask where their piece of green is and then we go looking for it like a "Where's Waldo?"  This quilt measures approximately 70 x 70 inches, with polyester batting, and was long armed quilted by the fabulous gals down at Melear's Fabric in Salem, MO.  

Just for fun - enlarge the photos and see what fun fabrics you can spot!  (Hint: there are limes, owls, watermelons, stars, leafs, and many, many more interesting prints!)

Thanks again to Amy for putting on this fabulous festival!  It's so much fun to look at what everyone is up too! Thanks for stopping by to look, leave me a message and let me know you were here so I can return the favor and come see your quilt too!

Amy's Creative Side