Friday, May 18, 2012

Bloggers' Quilt Festival!

My entry for this Bloggers’ Quilt Festival is a quilt titled “ SHATTERED.”   The story behind this quilt goes a little something like this …

A few months back my friend and I were going thru his late grandmother’s quilting stash that he had inherited.  Knowing I was a quilter, he asked me to take a look at it and wanted to know if I could make something from the things leftover in the buckets of fabric he had gotten.  We stumbled upon these hand-sewn paper pieced (with newspaper) half square triangle pieces (the big block pieces in the center).  How could we not resist making something with these pieces - there was such cool vintage fabrics in every triangle and what a unique way of using your stash!  We placed the triangles out on the bed, playing around with several layouts and finally came to the conclusion to sew them together to make squares looked best, but then it needed more.  My friend is an artist and he knew that black would really set off the colors, so I knew a black border was a must to really make those squares pop, but it still needed MORE!  Then, I had remembered recently reading about a fellow blogger’s postage stamp quilt and thought that might be an option for some borders.  Using postage size pieces all around the inner pieces and building a 5 inch postage stamp outer drop border turned out to be a great way to use lots and lots of fabric from his grandmother’s stash and really let all the colors play! It turns out there are over 3000 postage stamp sized pieces in this quilt!!!  (I have to give a BIG THANK YOU to my mother for helping me cut all those little buggers! If she didn’t help me with that part, I’d still be working on this top!) This quilt measures 105x105 inches and is soon going to the long arm quilters to be beautifully stitched.  I just love how the layout of the angles play tricks on your eyes and makes it look like shattered glass.

I’d like to thank Amy for once again for hosting the AWESOME Bloggers’ Quilt Festival!  I look forward to it and enjoy it every time! I love looking at everyone’s hard work and talents! 

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