Sunday, December 30, 2012

Scrapbuster Project Update: Anything Goes

I blogged previously about a scapbuster project I was really interested in doing and lo and behold I DID IT!  It's a King quilt (100x102) and no fabrics are repeated!!!  I'm calling it Anything Goes, because literally everything and anything is in this quilt (color/patternwise).  The layout was the most difficult part about this quilt, making sure I got plus patches not some other weird shape and trying to sprinkle out the colors I had and trying to follow the pattern in the magazine.  I think it turned out great and I can't wait to see it come back from the quilters!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Had a little fun with some machine applique and hand sewing!  A co-worker of mine bought some immediately unpon seeing them, and the rest I have added to the shop.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday Sale

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tag! You're It! - A Fun Little Blogging Game

I've been tagged!!! Carla over at Creatin' In The Sticks has become my newest follower and has tagged me for a fun, little blogging game!

Here are the rules:

- every tagged person has to tell 11 things about themselves

- the person who tagged you asked 11 questions, answer those questions

- ask 11 questions for the 11 blogs you're going to tag (the people you tag should have less that 200 followers)

- mention the blog that tagged you, but don't tag them back.

11 Things About Me:

1) I'm a speech-language pathologist for K-5 kiddos.  I love my job and the kids that I help!
2) I've competed in agility and obedience with my English Springer Spaniels.
3) I've played at the White House Easter Egg Roll with my high school jazz band back in 1998.  It was such a fun experience, except for the flying in an airplane part - not a fan of flying.
4) I love musical theater. I enjoy going to the Fox Theatre in St. Louis, MO and seeing a show every once and awhile.
5) I like to cook and try out new recipes - especially from Pinterest!
6) I love to have friends over for game nights - Cranium is one of my favs!  I'm also loving Song Pop!
7) I'm an impulse fabric buyer!  New or vintage - I must have it!
8) I fancy myself an amatuer photographer.  I love to take outdoor nature photos and pics of my pups!
9) I don't know what I'd do without my DVR, Hulu and Netflix!  I'm a t.v./movie junkie!
10) I've only been sewing since 2009.  I learned to sew in a one night marathon sewing 101 session with my friend Patti.  It boggled my mind at first, but finally it all sank in!
11) I've been to the Paducah, KY quilt show in 2010 and would love to go back again soon!

11 Questions I Got Asked:

1) How many pets do you have? I have 1 Border Collie (Roxie), 2 English Springer Spaniels (Gabby & Tally), and 1 cat (Scooter)
2) What is your favorite city to visit? Chicago!  Lots of friends live there and I like to go shopping on the Magnificent Mile!
3) What kind of music do you listen to? mostly Top 40 and Broadway muscials.
4) What is your favorite place to link up? Facebook
5) What crafting project would you tackle if time and money was no issue? Learning how to long-arm quilt.
6) What machine or toy would you buy for your craft if money was not a concern? A Gammill Vision 30-12 with all the perks!
7) What is your favorite TV show? Mad Men
8) What was your best flea market or bargain find? $1.00 denim - over 15 yards for 1 buck!!! My lucky day!
9) What is your favorite season? Fall - I love a good bonfire and eating S'Mores!
10) Do you like to garden? Yes, but not as much as my mother does!
11) What inspired you to start blogging? It was a creative outlet to share what I've been working on with other crafters and my friends. 

11 Questions For My Tagged Fellow Bloggers:

1) What's your favorite sewing notion?
2) What's your favorite quilt shop?
3) Where did you go on your last vacation?
4) What's your favorite meal to make for guests?
5) Do you subscribe to any quilting or sewing magazines?
6) Have you ever been on a shop hop?
7) Toliet paper roll over or under?
8) How long have you been sewing/quilting?
9) What's your best sewing tip?
10) Where is the farthest you've ever traveled?
11) Do you collect anything?

Tag! You're Now It - Blogs I've Tagged To Join The Fun:

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7) Gigi's Room
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9) Kelsey Sews
10) A Farm Wife's Journal
11) Capitola Quilter

This is going to be such a fun way to find new blogs and fellow crafters!  I'm looking forward to reading everyone's responses!! Hope you have fun and thanks for participating!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Scrapbuster Project

In my latest edition of American Patchwork & Quilting I saw this lovely quilt pattern called Charming Addition by Kathie Holland.

I knew immediately that this was a quilt that I needed to do! I loved the plus signs patches and absolutely LOVED the fact that it was a scrapbuster quilt!!!  In Kathie's quilt she didn't repeat a single fabric and so I'm challenging myself to do the same!  It's also been a good project to straighten up all of those bins that so easily get out of order!  I'm excited about this new project and can't wait to see how it turns out!!
Don't forget, in honor of Veteran's Day I'm running a special in my Etsy shop from 11/9-11/12.
Use code VET5OFF to take 5% off your order! 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Fall 2012

I've realized it's been since the last Blogger's Quilt Festival in May that I've blogged about anything!  I have been working all summer and fall on this new quilt top and I'm happy to unveil it for this Blogger's Quilt Festival. So here it is, my entry for the Fall 2012 Blogger's Quilt Festival -


Fabrics I picked out while I was on a trip to the Ozarks.  They reminded me of the pretty hazy colors of the sun peering out from the foggy skies. 

I decided to try my hand at paper piecing finally!  This is block from Carol Doak called Y2K. 

25 blocks later the center is finished.

I decided to add a few borders. 

Finished quilt 112x112.

The end cap pieces are a block from Forest Quilting called Circling Geese.

Can't wait to take it to my favorite long arm quilter to finish it!

So there you have it! My first attempt at paper piecing was a success and I can't wait to do more!!
Thanks again to Amy Ellis of Amy's Creative Side for hosting this great event!! Please leave me a comment and let me know that you were here! Thanks for looking!

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Stats
Finished quilt measures : 112x112
Special techniques used foundation paper piecing
Quilted by : soon to be quilted by Faye Melear of Melear Fabrics and Sew Much More, Sullivan, MO
Best Category : Bed Quilt, Two-Color Quilt

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bloggers' Quilt Festival!

My entry for this Bloggers’ Quilt Festival is a quilt titled “ SHATTERED.”   The story behind this quilt goes a little something like this …

A few months back my friend and I were going thru his late grandmother’s quilting stash that he had inherited.  Knowing I was a quilter, he asked me to take a look at it and wanted to know if I could make something from the things leftover in the buckets of fabric he had gotten.  We stumbled upon these hand-sewn paper pieced (with newspaper) half square triangle pieces (the big block pieces in the center).  How could we not resist making something with these pieces - there was such cool vintage fabrics in every triangle and what a unique way of using your stash!  We placed the triangles out on the bed, playing around with several layouts and finally came to the conclusion to sew them together to make squares looked best, but then it needed more.  My friend is an artist and he knew that black would really set off the colors, so I knew a black border was a must to really make those squares pop, but it still needed MORE!  Then, I had remembered recently reading about a fellow blogger’s postage stamp quilt and thought that might be an option for some borders.  Using postage size pieces all around the inner pieces and building a 5 inch postage stamp outer drop border turned out to be a great way to use lots and lots of fabric from his grandmother’s stash and really let all the colors play! It turns out there are over 3000 postage stamp sized pieces in this quilt!!!  (I have to give a BIG THANK YOU to my mother for helping me cut all those little buggers! If she didn’t help me with that part, I’d still be working on this top!) This quilt measures 105x105 inches and is soon going to the long arm quilters to be beautifully stitched.  I just love how the layout of the angles play tricks on your eyes and makes it look like shattered glass.

I’d like to thank Amy for once again for hosting the AWESOME Bloggers’ Quilt Festival!  I look forward to it and enjoy it every time! I love looking at everyone’s hard work and talents! 

Thanks for stopping by and visiting.  Please feel free to leave a comment so I know you were here!

Amy's Creative Side

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Purple Majesty

I first saw the Swoon pattern by Camille Roskelley when I was reading one of my favorite quilting blogs - Film In The Fridge.  There was a "Swoon-along" and I decide this was the motivation I needed to finally use all the purples I had stashed away and make something with them!  I spent some quality time with my flying geese ruler and ended up with 13 blocks, of which I only needed 9.  I decided which 4 really didn't fit my vision - so out they went. (Two of the extra blocks have since been turned into wall hangings for donations to locate chairty auctions).  I added some flying geese around each block in alternate colors from the block within and then sashing to come up with Purple Majesty.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Topsy Turvy

Things are a little Topsy Turvy around here!!  This quilt came back recently from Melears and I'm loving the wishbone quilting over it!  Just finished binding and couldn't wait to photo it! I enjoyed working with the Denyse Schmidt fabrics that are finally at JoAnn's - those mixed with the Kona solids make for a very fun HST quilt!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Seaside Escapade

Just wrapped up binding the Seaside Escapade quilt!  I just love this material from Michael Miller - Going Coastal - those bottle caps are so adorable! The Kona Tangerine just gives it such a POP!!  It was a perfect afternoon for a little photoshoot!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Quilt Ladders

I'm very fortunate to have 2 good friends that remembered that I wanted some old ladders to use to hang quilts on around the house! Also, one of those friends is very handy with a sander and paint brush and was able to refinish these awesome ladders for me!  Now, all my extra quilts aren't being hidden away in a box, they are out where I can see them! Hooray!

Dog Projects

What to do with a boxful of winning dog show ribbons?  Get creative and make stuff!!  A friend saw on a website that people were making ribbon pillows and wreaths, so we thought we'd try it out too! I think these ribbon projects turned out AWESOME! 

 I was also asked to make several show towels for my English Springer dog friends.  I can't wait to see these on the dogs at the shows!  Now, I just have to make my own dog's towels!