Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Daze & Quilting Update

School has officially started and so far everything has gone pretty smoothly. Oh - did I forget to mention, I haven't actually seen kids yet for therapy? Maybe that's why everything is just peachy! I think the worst part of starting school has been the time change in school hours. Loosing that extra 15 min of sleep is messing with me! My student teacher, Tracie, came in today for a bit - she made a really cute bulletin board with apple and leaf cut outs with all the kids names on it! She gets a gold star for the day!

Now on to the quilting update:

5 quilts have gone to the quilt shop and now they have returned!! They are all machine quilted at Melear Fabrics in Salem/Sullivan, MO. They do such a nice job there!
I also made a matching decorative pillow case for the Crazy Eight Reindeer Christmas quilt! I think I will make some coasters or potholders with that material too for the holidays!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mother Clucker

Laura and I decided that Friday night we'd hit up the Ameristar crab leg buffet before school started as one last outing! We met an interesting lady in front of us. If I had to describe her, it would be a mix of a hobbit and troll with smokers voice. She went on to inform us that she had taken 1/2 day off work and came to the slot in hopes to buy her meal at the crab leg buffet. If it wasn't bad enough that this hobbit/troll lady was talking to us, she also ended every other sentence by clucking - yes - clucking like a chicken! When she got out of line to look for her friend, Laura asked, "did she just CLUCK?" I replied, "Oh thank god you heard that too!" We were skeptical that this hobbit/troll actually had friends to eat with, but we did see her with someone normal later that evening at the buffet. After the yumminess of the crab legs and tons of other food, we hit up the black jack machine where I went on to play for 2 hours and came home with some sweet cash! Then after the casino, we hit up the Bass Pro Shop, where I proceeded to blow all my sweet cash on clothes because it was tax free days. And no, I didn't buy any camouflage!

Saturday, my entire world was turned upside down as I learned how to use eBay! I'm a bidding fool now and I believe I spent hours watching that tiny ticker clock count down as to be sure I didn't loose out on my coveted fabric that I was wanting! I got some great deals on quilting fabrics and bought a few new "feet" for my sewing machine to help me quilt!

Today was the official end of summer vacation. :( We decided to BBQ and have a nice family lunch/dinner. After that my mom finished her 1st quilt top (Disappearing 9 Patch)!! I think it looks AMAZING!

Then my mom and I decided to groom the dogs. What a furry mess that was, but it's done! The dogs look great, quilt done, all my stuff is ready for tomorrow, I've got my bids out on eBay, and I'm ready for BED (it's a school night!)