Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Daze & Quilting Update

School has officially started and so far everything has gone pretty smoothly. Oh - did I forget to mention, I haven't actually seen kids yet for therapy? Maybe that's why everything is just peachy! I think the worst part of starting school has been the time change in school hours. Loosing that extra 15 min of sleep is messing with me! My student teacher, Tracie, came in today for a bit - she made a really cute bulletin board with apple and leaf cut outs with all the kids names on it! She gets a gold star for the day!

Now on to the quilting update:

5 quilts have gone to the quilt shop and now they have returned!! They are all machine quilted at Melear Fabrics in Salem/Sullivan, MO. They do such a nice job there!
I also made a matching decorative pillow case for the Crazy Eight Reindeer Christmas quilt! I think I will make some coasters or potholders with that material too for the holidays!

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