Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tokyo Subway - IT'S FINISHED!

I've been burning the midnight oil the over this holiday break trying to get a bunch of quilts done and I am proud to say I have finished 3!  The Tokyo Subway Quilt top is now completed!  I'm VERY pleased with how this turned out and the ease of the instructions from Oh, Fransson! really helped make this an awesome project! I'd recommend this quilt to anyone trying to use up some of their scrap fabric, it's a great stash buster! I've decided to back it in Kona White, bind it with either Kona Coal or Black (or any other suggestions?), and have it stippled all over! I cannot wait to drop this one off at Melear's, those gals always do such a nice job stitching on my quilts. Ah, back to the grind tomorrow - work, work, work! 

Block 16 (Can you see the fun green watermelon?)

Block 17

Block 18

Block 19

Block 20

Rows 1-4 (Blocks 1-20)

Block 21 (A fabric newspaper clipping piece!)

Block 22

Block 23

Block 24 (Come sail away with me!)

Block 25 (Ahhh, the last one!)

Rows 1-5 (Blocks 1-25)

Sweet Dreams - DONE!

After an exciting evening out to see The Wizard of Oz at The Fox Theatre, I came home and decided to finish the last few rows of Sweet Dreams!  I really enjoy the modern take on this traditional patchwork quilt. These fabrics were very fun to work with, I think my favorite fabric out of the line is any of the big flowers that almost look like cogwheels.  It's very late or early (however you see it) and as the quilt suggests - SWEET DREAMS!

Tokyo Subway - Row 3 complete

It's moving right along!  Blocks 11-15 done and Row 3 has been added on!  I can't believe I only have 10 more blocks (2 more rows) to put together and this is DONE!!!

Block 11

Block 12

Tally is helping too! 
Block 13

Block 14

Block 15

Rows 1-3

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sweet Dreams

So, I decided to start a second quilt in between the Tokyo blocks.  It's nice to break up working with all those tiny squares with something bigger - and I get more out of chain piecing.  My second quilt is Sweet Dreams feautring Liz Scott's "Sugar Pop" for Moda.  It's this fun little grouping that in the words of designer Liz Scott are, "inspired by the ice cream parlor and candy store" and has "bold punchy florals and mod nature motifs."  I just love, love, LOVE it! It's been so much fun to work with! I love the bright colors and fun designs.  I thought a very traditional patchwork quilt design paired with these very hip, modern fabrics would be a neat idea and let the fabrics really play.  This quilt will be 76x76 inches when done and make a perfect lap quilt!

Watch the quilt GROW!

Rows 1&2

Rows 1-4

Rows 1-10 (over 1/2 done!)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving or "Happy Eat Yourself Sick Day" (as my text from a friend said this morning!)  I hope everyone had a wonderful time with their family and friends, I know I did! I had a good time last night with some old friends, and a good meal today with family - all in all a great way to start my holiday break!  I was even able to squeeze a little sewing into this evening while all the food settled!

Here is the update on the Tokyo Quilt, finished Row 2, but ran into a little hiccup - I somehow (in my turkey daze) started with the right light blue line colors in Block 8, but switched them into dark blue.  Luckily, I caught the mistake and was able to fix it pretty easily. I also finished all the dark green line patches and will get to start the light green color line in the next rows.

Block 6

Block 7

Block 8 - with mistake - put in dark blue line instead of light blue!
Fixed Block 8!

Block 9

Block 10

Row 1 & 2 (Blocks 1-10)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tokyo Subway - Row 1 Completed

I'm LOVING this quilt  - all the colors and the cute, fun patches tucked in here and there, it's quickly becoming one of my favorite quilts!  I already have 5 blocks completed and sewn into the 1st row.  This quilt is moving along very quickly!  After spending hours and hours cutting those 2.5 inch pieces thinking it would never-end, the actual sewing is a breeze, however all the pinning to make the squares line up just so is a little bit time consuming, but it's worth it! ;)  It's been fun laying out each block making sure I've followed the pattern correctly - it's easy to forget where I'm at in the pattern on this one.  Again, I have to thank Oh, Fransson! for coming up with this quilt along project!  She has fabulous instructions and a great pattern map to follow! Here are Blocks 1-5 & Row 1 completed.

Block 1 - Can you see the cowboy hat scissors, lemons, and strawberries?

Block 2 - Can you spot the orange slices and birds?

Block 3 - Can you see the band playing and a frog leaping?

Block 4 - Lemons, sailboats, and longhorns - oh my!

Block 5 - There is a butterfly fluttering by in this block.

Row 1 (Blocks 1-5)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tokyo Subway Quilt - The Color Squares & Block One

I've been busy cutting 1600 pieces for the Tokyo quilt!  I LOVED going through all this material - it was so fun finding just the right pieces to make this quilt one of a kind! 

All the pieces in their colorwheels

Light Green Line

Light Blue Line

White Background

Dark Green Line

Gray Line

Dark Blue Line

Pink Line

Red Line

Yellow Line 

Purple Line

Orange Line

Black & White Stops

The first block showcases some fun fabrics, including a cowboy hat, scissors, lemons, and strawberries.  It's also has a piece of a friends grandmother's feedsack!
Block 1
Only 24 more blocks to go!