Monday, November 22, 2010

Tokyo Subway - Row 1 Completed

I'm LOVING this quilt  - all the colors and the cute, fun patches tucked in here and there, it's quickly becoming one of my favorite quilts!  I already have 5 blocks completed and sewn into the 1st row.  This quilt is moving along very quickly!  After spending hours and hours cutting those 2.5 inch pieces thinking it would never-end, the actual sewing is a breeze, however all the pinning to make the squares line up just so is a little bit time consuming, but it's worth it! ;)  It's been fun laying out each block making sure I've followed the pattern correctly - it's easy to forget where I'm at in the pattern on this one.  Again, I have to thank Oh, Fransson! for coming up with this quilt along project!  She has fabulous instructions and a great pattern map to follow! Here are Blocks 1-5 & Row 1 completed.

Block 1 - Can you see the cowboy hat scissors, lemons, and strawberries?

Block 2 - Can you spot the orange slices and birds?

Block 3 - Can you see the band playing and a frog leaping?

Block 4 - Lemons, sailboats, and longhorns - oh my!

Block 5 - There is a butterfly fluttering by in this block.

Row 1 (Blocks 1-5)

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