Friday, September 11, 2009

Treasures From Travels

The other night I met up with my traveling theater friend, Ruth. We decided to go to this cafe in Edwardsville to eat horseshoes, which I had never had, but had seen on the food network before. Holy schnikey! These things were huge! My student teacher, Tracie, warned me to only get the ponyshoe, but I didn't listen and went for the gusto. There was no way I was making it thru this whole thing. Anyway, it was delish, the part I ate, next time - ponyshoe! Ruth was kind enough to bring me back some awesome stuff from Dubai and some other cool places!
Here are some pics of the cool stuff I was lucky enough to get!

After catching up and hearing all the latest theater gossip, I had to head back to school for Open House night. NO ONE ever comes and sees me, but I have to go sit there every year and wait anxiously that this might be the year, just to be let down (yet again) that no one cares about the speech lady. Oh well!

Has anyone not watched Glee yet? It's hilarious, witty, musically awesome, and the best new show of the year! WATCH IT NOW! SERIOUSLY - Stop reading this and go watch it online if you haven't seen it! You'll love it! Then we can all be Gleeks together!

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