Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy President's Day!

I'm excited it's President's Day - to a teacher that means one thing - NO SCHOOL!!!  I'm enjoying the 3-day weekend.  I just got done grilling some asiago spinach sausages along with some peppers and onions.  What a great meal that was and it was really nice to be outside for a bit.  

President's Day weekend marks Roxie's 2-year anniversary of coming to live with me from the MO-KAN BC rescue.  I can't believe I've had her for 2 years already!  Since it's her "adoption day" I'm going to brag on her a bit.  Yesterday at winter league Roxie did the unbelievable - she teeter-tottered all by herself!!!!  The teeter is something we've been working on but with lots of assistance.  I don't think Roxie really realized what she had done (I think she thought she was just climbing the dog walk) and it was too late when the teeter decided to totter and down she went. Although it didn't seem to phase her at all, but I was totally shocked and had to take a moment to comprehend what had just happened!   Now, I must brag on Scout - he did all 12 weave poles with no gates and no wires yesterday!   We are having a lot of fun in winter league and it's not all about the dogs - the gossip is fun too! 

My orchid has decided to finally to sprout a new branch - so hopefully that will mean a new bloom by spring/summer!  I was worried once I cut it down last year I didn't do it right and it would never bloom again, but apparently something went right.  I also found out you can use Miracle Grow African Violet food that is 7-7-7 and just double the amount to make it 14-14-14 for orchid food.  

I must start cleaning for the termite inspector's annual lookie-loo.  Terminix is coming on next Monday and I know them if they even find a cobweb they will try to sell me some bug plan that I can't afford and don't really need!  

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