Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Busy Bee

So the last few days have pretty much been non-stop, and I'm excited just to sit at home tonight and have some time to breathe!  Monday evening I went and helped out at SIUE with a friend's class with her Experiencing Aphasia night.  It was a big shocker to all her students who walked in expecting to get a lecture.  Instead they have "aphasia" and have to go to speech therapy all night.  It's a pretty eye-opening experience for those students. 

Last night I got some free passes from the school's tech guy, Patrick, that he got from another tech guy to go see Friday the 13th remake.  I've never seen the original movie, but I thought this was a pretty good movie for a horror flick.  Too bad we had to drive over to St. Louis for the free passes, but they never have screener passes in Illinois.  Laura and I plan on going to see another screener on Thursday called I Love You Man after the special ed. dept BBQ gathering at Bandanas.  That should be pretty funny and I love that Paul Rudd and Jason Segal from How I Met Your Mother (that's one of those CBS shows you should be watching!) 

I've also decided to venture out and become a survey taker online for a little extra cash.  Quick cash it is not, but maybe someday I'll get enough for a little pay off!  Besides what else am I doing in my free time!?!?!  

I'm going to post a few of my favorite pictures of Scout & Roxie that Patti took at Sunday's Winter Fun League.  All and all I'm glad we've signed up - it's not a total disaster and I am learning some stuff about agility!  

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