Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cheddar Bay Birthday Biscuits

Today is my Dad's birthday and of course the original plan to go to the Dreamland Palace (German food) for dinner gets switch-a-roo'd, so we ended up going to lunch at Red Lobster! Well, I took some cold medicine earlier on in the morning thinking my parents would call before then came to pick me up, but NOPE!  I had fallen back asleep for hours then Laura had called me about 2 minutes before I heard that "ding-dong" at the door and realized what time it was as my stomach sank and I knew I was in trouble!!!  After 10 minutes zooming around the house and trying to explain why I fell back asleep, I was ready and off we went to the Red Lobster or RL as my friend Melissa calls it (she used to work there).  I LOVE those little greasy, garlicy, balls of dough they call their cheddar bay biscuits.  Anyway, after much debate, we all ended up getting the same thing - The Admiral's Feast - which is basically any kind of seafood they can dip batter on and fry up, slapped on a platter with one of those salty potatoes. So after all is said an done, I'm stuffed like a flounder.  

Last night I finally got some new phones for the house - 5 to be exact.  I had been having issues with my old V-Tech's and it was time to do some research and get a new system.  My old set was a 5.8GHz and had lasted five years, so I thought it was ok to upgrade to the DECT 6.0 digital technology.  I only had 2 phones in the old V-Tech system.  I wanted at least 4 in the new one, but no one has the 4 set, but they have a 5-set bundle.  You'll come to find out, I'm an impulsive buyer and I can reason myself thru any purchase, so I now have a 5-phone bundled answering system.  Here a phone, there a phone, everywhere a phone-phone!! I really do like them though, so I guess it was worth it. 

Tomorrow is my first winter dog league event for agility.  I'm really excited and really nervous about it.  This will be the 1st time I "show" my dogs and don't really get make-up chances to fix faults on the course.  We'll see how we do, and that will sort of determine if I sign up for the April agility show which I was aiming for.  We still need to work on a few things, and this will be good for us! 

I have a lot of TV watching to catch up on, ER, Friday Night Lights, last week's SNL.  So, I think I'll do that instead of chopping up the rest of the snow outside.  I'll let it melt a little more and maybe I won't have to do it at all!  

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