Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ok, so I thought I'd try out this blogging thing finally before it goes out of style!  Before I begin, I must give a blog-out (ok yeah that's cheesy) to my friend Brad - it's his b-day today!  Happy Birthday Bradfordly!  I'm going to dedicate a section of each blog (if needed) to a funny happening at school or thought pondering kids actions and I'm calling it Kidz Korner - look for it later on in today's edition! Also, look for pic, videos, and other exciting things on my new blog! 

I have to gush a little about how exciting it was to see Legally Blonde and meet some of the cast last Friday!  I felt like a 5-year-old kid at a candy store!  I seriously need to get to New York some day sooner than later! I also want to say thank you to Laura, Dave, Brad, and JJ for waiting around 2 hours in the freezing cold to stage door.  You guys are amazing friends! Not only was Friday awesome, but Saturday was Brad's Faux B-day event!  I had a blast and I hope everyone else did too.  We took an awesome tour of Busch Stadium (I'll post the pics at the end) and did a murder mystery dinner at night.  Note to others:  If one was planning a trip to the St. Louis Wax Museum on Lacledes Landing this winter - think again. On the window, a tiny index card "closed for the winter" was taped, even though the website says they are open.  I think economic hard times have hit at the wax museum - sad, but true.  

Tomorrow is agility class with the dogs, hopefully we'll make progress on the teeter-totter! Maybe I'll get my "paprika" sweatshirt for winter league tomorrow night too!  It's also Celine Dion make-up concert night - about time!   

Also, for anyone not watching The Big Bang Theory on CBS on Monday's at 7:00 - give it a try - I think it may be one of THE funniest shows on television lately. 

Alright, that's all for now!  Oh don't think I forgot about the Kidz Korner it's right below! 

I believe kids pick out games that they don't actually know how to play on purpose just to mess with you and slowly drive you crazy.  

Here are the Busch Stadium pics!

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