Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival!

As I was cruising some of my favorite quilt blogs, I noticed everyone had a little button for this Blogger's Quilt Festival.  I thought, "hmmmm - I need to click this and find out why everyone has this button!!!"  I'm so glad I did!  I think Blogger's Quilt Festival is a fabulous idea and I'm excited to share my Bejeweled Quilt for the occassion!


I have only been sewing for a little over a year. This quilt was number 15 for me out of 26 for the year.  I've quickly become obessed with sewing and just love learning new skills on each quilt top I make!  This quilt was stippled in all the white, ditch-stitch around all the color, and bound with scraps of all the colored fat quarters I used.

Colors - Inspired by the jewel-tones in the game Bejeweled

Sewing skill - I thought a diamond bullseye would be a neat way to try out half-square triangles! I really learned this skill because this had over 500 triangles to piece!!!


Samelia's Mum said...

Wow! It's absolutely beautiful.

Carol said...

26 in one year. Impressive. Your quilt is lovely and a great way to learn triangles.

Denise said...

Great the colors!

Janet said...

What a wonderful quilt! Pretty colors and great design.

Army Wife Quilter said...

the colors are briliant.

Mary said...

This is a fun quilt. Wow 26 in one year. Wish I had that kind of willpower to finish so many.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

WOW!!! 26 completed quilts!!! Are they all bedsize quilts? I am a novice quilter with many unfinished ones! (...the ones started for our children are now looking like they may become quilts for when they have children!)
Whew! You do inspire me! This one is gorgeous! Did you do free motion quilting?

Blessings & Aloha!
(I finally have some free time so am trying to get to more amazing Quilt Festival posts!... so happy to see yours. I would love to have you pop over to my place. And if you get a chance, please let me know by leaving a comment. :o)

Eileen said...

this is a wonderful quilt! the colors are great but the layout is just fantastic. i love this. thanks so much for sharing. i'm impressed with your sewing skills in such a short period of time. come visit my little blog i'm having a giveaway this week.

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