Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

OMG! It's been GORGEOUS outside the last few days!  Laura and I actually took advantage of the good weather last night and decided to go miniature golfing before hitting up the local fish fry.  I had a BOGO coupon from my senior year in high school (not joking - over 10 years old,  but no expiration date on the thing) for Centerfield and they totally honored it!  After that (which I won the mini golf!!) we decided to hit a few ball in the batting cages.  Of course the cage I pick it is messed up and won't work so I have to get the workers to go running in there with balls flying at them to fix it!   Oh and if that isn't enough, the bat I picked was totally greasy and I ended up using Laura's bat!  Then it was off to the fish fry at South Side.  They have all kinds of stuff at this place.  I had some cod-cut ups and Laura got fried shrimp, we brought that yumminess back and decided to watch Penelope - a little strange, but cute and entertaining nonetheless.  We decided instead of staying inside and playing Wii, to take the evening back outside with some crazy games of Phase 10 (Laura won) and Skipbo (I won). 

I'm glad we got a little fun time last night, Laura has been working hard for a long time on our local speech group conference that was during the day.  Kudos to all the SWISHA board this year for putting on an outstanding presentation.  Our speaker, Barbara Hodson, was a DELIGHT!  Such a nice person and excellent speaker!  Laura and I went to pick her up last night and she was one of those people you just enjoy meeting!  

It's already 72 degrees outside, so I'm headed out there to get some much needed yard work done!  Picking up the remainder of the leaves, filling in some holes - courtesy of the dogs, and maybe a little spring decorating outside!  

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