Saturday, January 1, 2011

5...4...3...2...1 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The holidays are quickly winding down and I will soon have to return back to work.  I've been doing a little holiday sewing among the hustle and bustle of visiting friends and relatives.  

I've learned a new sewing skill - piping/cording!  I made some cute, little throw pillows to match the Interior Illusions quilt with the extra bento patches and backing.  

I finished an Aussie dog quilt for a friend.  I really liked how these Aussie sketches turned out on the fabric. 

The Vinage Bliss quilt top

I was also able to go to the quilters yesterday and pick up 4 quilts!  You wouldn't know it by the look of these pictures, but just an hour before these were taken, there was a terrible thunderstorm and tornados spotted in the area!

I got my Tokyo Subway quilt back and I LOVE it!!!  The gals at Melears did an awesome job on this one and all the rest too!

Sweet Dreams quilt

It's Elementary with the fun, red flannel backing.

Beverly's dog quilt


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