Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun In The Sun!

I know it's been awhile, but I thought I'd start back with the blog and post my fun summer adventures!  I've been working hard on getting the pups ready for summer agility trials.  Here they are taking a break after a hard workout earlier in the day! 

I've got some exciting things planned for the summer.  I just started at SIUE again, and will continue working there until "the real school job" starts again in August.  I'm headed to see Rent in a week at the Fox with some of the original cast.  A few trips planned - Medieval Times, Dollywood, Biltmore Estates, Chicago & Michigan! 

I've also been busy learning how to quilt! I made a baby quilt top for my 1st project. I just sent it off to have it finished professionally.  I think I'll try making the whole thing next time. Thanks to Patti for helping me learn how to do all this fun stuff!  I think I'm addicted! 

Tonight is the Shrine parade and the circus tomorrow! Looking forward to all of that!  I'll write more soon - I promise! 

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